Leeds, Its Been Lovely

After 3 years of boozing, clubbing, and occasionally going to a lecture or two, my time at Leeds has finally come to an end. I couldn’t help my self from tearing up whilst sitting in my rammed car, driving out of the city. I don’t know what was worse, the thought of leaving all my friends, or the idea of trying to find a job in Aberdeen. However, whilst I was sitting in the car I began to reminisce about the times I could actually remember from Leeds.

I can remember driving up to Leeds on the move in day. Bodington, here I come! I show up, hungover after a night out saying good-bye to people from Hertford, and not knowing if the sick feeling was from nerves or last nights booze fest.  I pull up in my car, drag my self into the building labeled ‘Woodsley‘, and go on the hunt for my room. I absolutely adored Woodsley even though it was a shit hole.  Even the fact its location was 4 miles from uni made it great, mainly because I never thought I would see someone punch a hole in the ceiling of a bus during a house chant, but now I have.  Met some incredible people in Bodington, however, there were also some complete dicks. Looking back now at the friends I’ve made from Bod, I could not ask for a better, or funnier, first year of uni.




Second year was completely different to Halls as we lived in a.n 8 man house. Six boys and then one other girl and me.  It was a messy year! The worst part of the year was when we were broken into whilst we were all out, specially because it was at the beginning of the year. The guys that broke in were a couple of pervs as they stole my underwear and left it by the back door….odd. We were so close to uni that you would only have to get up 10 minutes before a lecture to arrive there on time. Some of the nights out we had as a house were ridiculous, and many I cant even remember. There was: Naked lash, the driving game lash, and some interesting house parties (with some nasty surprises…Joel). All in all though, it was an amazing year which will always make me laugh when I think about it.

Fruity 2

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I was a bit nervous about 3rd year. Not only was it going to be the hardest year at uni, but I only knew one person in the house of 7 girls. However, after one drunk night which ended up with me flashing my house mates my reggae underwear when I came home, made us friends instantly. This year has been amazing. I’ve met some incredible people that I cant imagine not talking to every day. We’ve had some brilliant house parties and nights out…(no chez, never fruity), but sadly its now all finished.

IMG_1612            530427_10151349765925883_747194423_n


I tried so hard not to cry when I knew that so many of the people I know in Leeds I wouldn’t see in ages, or ever again. But seeing all the boys in Terrace from last year, I couldn’t help it. I’ve only ever lived in one place for 3 years, but Leeds actually felt like home, and my friends became my family. Every one accepted my weirdness, but funnily enough not my accent.  But now it takes two to tango to stay friends. I wont lie. I am shit at staying in touch with people, just ask my family.

So Leeds, its been lovely. The next time we meet will be when I’m dressed in a robe trying not to trip up whilst getting my degree.