Mad Hatter High ‘Intoxicating’ Tea

So, last Saturday I experience my first ever High Tea. Initially I was a bit sceptical as I don’t like tea, I don’t really eat cakes, and there was going to be a hell of a lot of women. However, I didn’t realise that it was not going to be tea in the tea pots, but cocktails, and strong ones at that.  It was an absolutely amazing day in Aberdeen with the sun blazing down. Before we left for the afternoon tea, My mum, sister and I had a few pre tea Bellini’s.



The taxi driver which took us to the Carmelite was an interesting man. He stated that as long as we had nice hair, long legs, and boobs, that we could get a job easily in Aberdeen. Wow. He also laughed at me whilst I attempted to walk gracefully over the cobbles in high heels, which looked more like a drunk gymnast on a tightrope.


The theme of the ‘Intoxicating Afternoon Tea’ was Alice in Wonderland. For people who know me, you would know I was in my element. For those who don’t, I love Alice In Wonderland. Thus, when placed in a room made to look like the Mad Hatter and the March Hare’s Tea Party, my jaw dropped.


The spread on the tables consisted of cards the size of my torso, various hats and masks, different china cups and plates, and of course, alcohol filled tea pots.


When we entered the room we were given a glass of champagne and a place to sit. We sat down and poured ourselves a cup of ‘tea’ and took in our surroundings, which strangely enough was multiple bad paintings of chairs. After quickly finishing of a tea pot between my sister and I, we decided to try on every prop we could find on the table, even the large garden rabbit with multiple fat rolls.


After most of the tea pots, sandwiches, and cakes were finished, many of the women at the party began to drink actual tea or beer. However, the women which was serving us took pity on me and brought me my own tea pot filled with mojito.  Even though the mojito made me feel like I had just washed my mouth out with Listerine or Colgate, it still went down a treat. The more drunk I got, the more I decided to dress up. Drinking also made me want to sit in the cage seat which quickly made me motion sick and flash half the people in the venue.


I have to admit, it was a brilliant afternoon, and an amazing idea. I would definitely recommend it to anyone having a party or an event.